Happy Easter from Angela!



I would cry if I got an Easter basket of big blobby Angela. 


What I don’t understand about people is that they feel the need to reblog something just to add how much they don’t like/want it.

If you do not like it do not reblog the picture.

Do not sit there and tell someone that their pet is something you do not enjoy.

No one asked you. This picture is posted for the simple reason of letting people who want to see Angela, and yes she is a pet with a name and a personality who many people love, get to see Angela in a festive Easter picture.

Your nope is not cute. 

Go away.



Here’s the rant I promised >.>;

For part 1 about white lions (general info, what they are..) click here.

For the website I’m criticizing, click here.

"Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God" on Amazon (I *dare* you to read the product description & “about the author”)

Melanin and health - resources:

-AZA policy on selecting for rare recessive alleles (abundant with examples + studies you can check out)

-study that describes a white lion cub born with defects that had up to that point been only described in inbred domestic cats

-study that describes the link between melanin & immunity in owls (more melanin=better immune system)

-detailed explanation of the link between coat color and deafness in domestic cats

-study that describes how white cats are more likely to develop cancer because they are less protected from sunlight

The mutation that causes white lions:

-you can find it in this study (it’s a Tyrosinase mutation)

The story about the meteor & the myth of the origin of white lions:

-it’s an interesting myth, but I can’t seem to find a source other than the book “Mystery of the White Lions..”. Every link on the net mentions it in context with white lions. Who recorded this story? When? Where? In any case, I love mythology and I always find ancient alien stories fun. So, read it! It’s fun. But the fact that the GWLPT takes is seriously is scary. I’m kind of getting convinced that they’re actually some sort of a crazy religious cult.

… questions?

And here we have Mirta knocking it out if the park again.



Enough of my chocolate rambles, Easter also means eggs for some reason so have my favourite egg-related video.

Eggs in eggs are awesome! Uncommon much like double yolkers, and large eggs can cause problems like prolapse, but things like this happen from time to time. Eggs are built in parts around the yolk, you see, and when release timing is off, weird things happen!

Nesting eggs are probably the coolest egg flub chickens can make, but they aren’t the only one. There are also super small eggs, often called fairy or fart eggs, that don’t typically have yolks

Eggs laid without a shell, sometimes called rubber eggs!

And of course double yolkers. I’ve heard of triple yolks and more, too, but those are much rarer!

There are also different egg appearances, some eggs have rough patches, are wrinkly, or they are pinched looking or flat on one side. All of these things typically happen with younger hens. Some breeds are genetically predisposed to double yolk more often, but for the most part, they are uncommon one-offs. If these things occur frequently, though, there’s reason to worry about the hen’s health! Something going weird every now and then isn’t surprising, but if it’s happening predictably and consistently, that means something is predictably and consistently wrong.

Chickens are great. Eggs are great. Yep.





hey guys.
since i’m headed off to college here soon, i’m being forced to sell my barrel horse. 😔 its getting too hard to keep up with two different horses that have two different disciplines and as the cost of everything for college looms closer, a decision had to be made.

since i’m going to school to receive a bachelors in equestrian studies w. a jumper focus, we decided that it would be best to find jazzy a new, good home where she wont sit for months on end while i’m in college.

she’s an awesome little barrel horse, and we placed 5th out of 10 at our very first show, ever, in barrels. she’s done some pole bending and dabbled in keyhole and stakes. i started her over jumps and she has a TON of potential.

even though she’s only four, she’s almost bomb-proof, although curious and has a bit of spunk.

anyone can ride her but i’m looking for a more intermediate rider to keep up with her training.

asking price: $1,300
location: aliquippa, pennsylvania.

signal boost this!
i need help finding her a home!
here’s a link to her ad!


hope she finds a good home :) good luck







Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is an invasive herb in the carrot family which was originally brought to North America from Asia and has since become established in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Northwest regions of the United States. Giant hogweed grows along streams and rivers and in fields, forests, yards and roadsides, and a giant hogweed plant can reach 14 feet or more in height with compound leaves up to 5 feet in width.

Giant Hogweed sap contains toxic chemicals known as Furanocoumarins. When these chemicals come into contact with the skin and are exposed to sunlight, they cause a condition called Phytophotodermatitis, a reddening of the skin often followed by severe blistering and burns. These injuries can last for several months, and even after they have subsided the affected areas of skin can remain sensitive to light for years. Furanocoumarins are also carcinogenic and teratogenic, meaning they can cause cancer and birth defects. The sap can also cause temporary (or even permanent) blindness if introduced into the eyes.

If someone comes into physical contact with Giant Hogweed, the following steps should be taken:
  • Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and COLD water as soon as possible.
  • Keep the exposed area away from sunlight for 48 hours.
  • If Hogweed sap gets into the eyes, rinse them with water and wear sunglasses.
  • See a doctor if any sign of reaction sets in.
If a reaction occurs, the early application of topical steroids may lessen the severity of the reaction and ease the discomfort. The affected area of skin may remain sensitive to sunlight for a few years, so applying sun block and keeping the affected area shielded from the sun whenever possible are sensible precautions

Extra note: if you live in Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan or New York and see one of these, call your state’s department of agriculture to report it, and trained professionals will come kill it before it can produce seeds and spread.

Frankly, if you see one in general, probably call your DOA and see if there’s a program in place.

Do not burn it, because the smoke will give you the same reaction.

If for some ungodly reason there isn’t a professional who can handle it for you (and please, please use a professional), the DOA of New York has [this guide] for how to deal with it yourself.


Fucking invasives. Signal boost.


Creating something from scratch over the course of a year is a long and lonely effort. You will never know how much it means to the development team to see players excited for our game, Clanheart.

We are throwing this giveaway to thank and celebrate our 1,000 Followers on tumblr. The likes, comments, and asks you send us and post on our updates mean the world.

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9. The end date of this giveaway is May 1, 2014.



It’s up! We’re live! Shit just got real! 

Caelum sky’s an Illustrated novel about a spirit trapped in the body of a demon as she gets chased around by a pair of commercial exorcists - It’s got a strong female lead that isn’t a delicate flower, a muscly male counterpart that isn’t portrayed as an idiot, and it’s honest as hell with itself as a paranormal action novel. Plus it’s illustrated with 18 new full illustrations!

A Hard cover, 70-80 paged, one time ever signed version is [b]25 bones! [/b](not actual bones)  

This project has loads of one-time only goodies attached to it! If you get 10 friends to even just donate a buck,  you get a kickass colored metal pin, no matter what you donate!  

Guys, this is awesome and you should check it out! 




By Andy Khouri

“I think this woman is wrong about something on the Internet. Clearly my best course of action is to threaten her with rape.”

That’s crazy talk, right? So why does it happen all the time?

Honest question, dudes.

That women are harassed online is not news. That women in comics and the broader fandom cultures are harassed online is not news. That these women are routinely transmitted anonymous messages describing graphic sexual violence perpetrated upon them for transgressions as grave as not liking a thing… that is actually news to me, and it’s probably news to a lot of you guys reading this.

So what do we do about it?



This is important.


Read or listen to the whole story (from Christopher Joyce).

Image Credits:

  • Top two archive photos courtesy of the Museum of the Rockies
  • Middle two: Jason Thompson for NPR
  • Last two: Maggie Starbard/NPR





So a while back I signed a petition on this petition site, and you know how that goes. You sign it and you automatically get those email alerts sent to you.

So today I bip over to check my mail and I find this disgusting piece of work.
titled ‘Ban dangerous exotic snakes!’ in my messages.

Of all the important things these people could be signing, or creating and otherwise spending their time fighting for, this is the misguided bs they choose.
This is what reptile owners have to deal with. They have to fight for their pets left and right because people like this don’t like them.

And yes, that is all it is. They don’t like them. They don’t like them and wouldn’t own them as pets so they feel no one else should.
They use fear tactics and exaggerations in order to achieve what they want.
Note how they bold, but don’t provide a link, for the ‘strangled two year old girl’.
That’s because that story is ancient. It was a neighbors snake and the neighbor was the one to blame.

More dogs kill infants in a year than snakes ever have. More dogs get loose and maul or kill people, and yet no one is demanding we ban dogs as pets.
Hell, more deer cause car accidents that end in death, and we aren’t demanding they be exterminated.
Not to mention cattle, or horses, or any other pet. Almost every pet is capable of killing, and has probably killed more people than snakes or other reptiles have.

People need to get over the fear mongering and learn that snakes are wonderful pets. And while no one is forcing them to own them, and they totally understand if someone doesn’t want to, they have no right to take those pets away because they don’t understand them.
Their time is better spent on a worthy cause.

Not to mention many more kids experience sudden cot death than are faced with snakes.

This is all true and I’m reblogging it so people know this is a bullshit petition, BUT I think you should be aware that people ARE actually trying to ban pit bulls and bully breeds because of fear mongering exactly like this, and are killed en masse in many counties nationwide and in England and the UK as a whole, and DOMESTIC dogs and snakes are always in immediate danger from this exact mentality, so please be sure to bring that point up as well in  your debates regarding the hysterical talk of banning snakes as pets.

Oh, I am fully aware of the suffering of pitbulls and dogs that happen to look like them/be a mix with them.
I have had long rants about that in the past, as well.
I believe equally strongly for both, and have ended friendships over the irrational pitbull hate. But I also focus on one topic at a time. this post is about snakes/reptiles. I’m not going to drag in every species of animals that i advocate for. I reserve special posts for each, and just like i don’t drag in the dog issue here, I don’t drag reptiles into the dog posts.

Fear mongering is a terrible thing, but you have to stay on topic with these posts because you are trying to make a point.










The evolution of girl gamers

Boy gamers are so self-centered they act as though women haven’t been playing video games for decades, and then act horrified when the female gamers who have always been there actually become visible and vocal about the rampant misogyny that has infected the gaming world. 

Like seriously, how entitled do you have to be that women saying “it sure would be nice if I wasn’t treated like shit while enjoying the games I play” translates to “I must be catered to” when video games have LITERALLY been catered to men for decades? 

It’s more like

A history of women and videogames throughout the years

1995 - Playing the vidya gaems

1996 - Playing the vidya gaees

1997 - Playing the vidya gaems

1998 - Playing the vidya gaems

1999 - Playing the vidya gaems

2000 - Playing the vidya gaems

2001 - Playing the vidya gaems

2002 - Playing the vidya gaems

2003 - Playing the vidya gaems

2004 - Playing the vidya gaems
2005 - Playing the vidya gaems

2006 - WTF do you mean women don’t play video games? What the hell have I been doing my whole life?
2007 - Oh gosh. Glados is awesome. Oh gosh, I get to play as Chell. Oh gosh, I love this game.

2008 - deviantART, mostly game fanart by mostly girls

2009 - Wait, there ACTUALLY is a misconception that only guys play video games? I thought that person from three years ago was just an idiot.

2010 - “I just got beat by a girl”? Really? I didn’t know thumb strength and reaction time was gender specific.

2011 - … You know, video games in general are almost always geared towards men. Maybe that’s why it’s a surprise to so many people that I have hobbies and interests.

2012 - Fuck sitting around and complaining about games being sexist. I need to get off my ass do something about this.

A history of me, a female, and videogames through the years 1985 hey playing games on the commodore 1986 hey MAKING games on the commodore … Add lots of years of playing . . Nowadays: huh lookit all those man tears :fires up Steam:

What on Earth was I doing for all of those years???? Did…. did I dream up all those Zelda games? Did I dream the Donkey Kong?

A woman was responsible for your precious video games. Literally. Look up Roberta Williams.

An academic book came out in 1998 about girls who plays videogames and treats them as established players BECAUSE THEY ARE.

Girls have been playing videogames for as long as videogames have been out. Stop kidding yourself.

Check at the fake geek guy who put a timeline that starts in ninenteen NINETY five over an image of Super Mario Bros. LOL. Only started playing video games twenty years ago? That’s so cute! Maybe he wants girls to stop playing for a while so he can catch up with us.

Atari anyone? I never had my own console til the NES, but I went over to a friend’s house around 1983 or so to play Atari.


There aren’t any news articles about it yet, just this flier from the church website. Fair warning, it’s pretty disgusting stuff. (Sorry for the slur in their website name, I couldn’t get this from any other source).




Something very sad happened today, and I would like to share this story in hopes that it will help someone else in a similar situation.

I was selling my art at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco today, and during the end of the day, right after I finished packing up, a nicely dressed girl around my age came up to me asking for money to take the train home.

I asked her how much she needed. She said $21, which is a lot more than I’m used to hearing. Normally people are a few dollars short, so I thought she was trying to scam me. But then I took a closer look at her and realized that she looked very beat up. Her lips were swollen and her nose was bruised. It turns out that she had to run away from her abusive boyfriend’s house this morning and didn’t have time to grab her stuff. She didn’t have any friends or family to rely on so she had been wondering around the city for over 13 hours asking for change so she can take a train to her grandmother’s house 2 hours away.

It’s unbelievably tragic that she had to go through all that. My publisher and I gave her the money she needed and drove her to the train station. On the way, she talked about how her boyfriend had abused her for many days before it finally got so bad that she had to escape.

This reminded me somewhat of my own situation 5 years ago when my psychotic stepmom talked her son into trying to kill me with a kitchen knife. I told the girl about my past, and how I immediately escaped to the safety of my grandparent’s house because waiting would mean potential death.

So to anyone out there who is currently in an abusive situation, be it from your boyfriend, or step parents, or anyone who is threatening your health and happiness: Leave. Don’t wait. We can hope that those abusive people will change, but realistically, it’s very unlikely that they will. Don’t let them guilt trip you into staying with their lies and false promises. At the first sign of abuse, leave and never look back. Don’t wait until it gets so bad that you have to escape in desperation and covered in bruises. Save yourself as soon as you can. You are worth way more than how they’ve been treating you.

Take care!



"Some reptiles do appear to enjoy human contact" - Dr. Hoppes

Reptile Emotions:

When thinking of reptiles, the image that comes to the minds of most people can vary from a garter snake slithering through the grass to lizards of Jurassic proportions roaming the earth. The idea of bonding with such creatures may seem creepy, or even impossible, yet some people insist that their reptiles know themand enjoy being with them. Can reptiles feel or portray emotions?

Generally, reptiles do demonstrate basic emotions. According to Dr. Sharman Hoppes, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, the main two are fear and aggression, but they may also demonstrate pleasure when stroked or when offered food.

"A snake that is feeling aggressive may warn you with a hiss," states Dr. Hoppes. "This can occur when you are forcing your attention on the snake, and if you persist, they may strike out. Typically snakes hiss or coil when they are feeling hostile, but most pet snakes are not aggressive animals unless threatened."

A reptile that is feeling fear may simply try to get away, but it can also exhibit actions similar to aggression. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep handling sessions with a new reptile to a minimum until it gets used to you. Otherwise, you may scare it into striking at you, a perceived threat. It is better to have a good session without upsetting the animal that lasts two minutes than a longer session trying to force a reptile to accept you.

Corn SnakeA more controversial emotion in reptiles is the concept of pleasure, or even love. Many feel that they have not developed this emotion, as it does not naturally benefit them. However, most reptiles do seem to recognize people who frequently handle and feed them.

"I don’t know if it is love," says Dr. Hoppes, "but lizards and tortoises appear to like some people more than others. They also seem to show the most emotions, as many lizards do appear to show pleasure when being stroked."

Another interesting fact is that while many reptiles lay their eggs and then leave their young to fend for themselves, some, such as prehensile-tailed skinks, form family groups and protect their young. Female alligators also stay with their young and will guard them for up to six months, teaching them survival skills and vocalizing with them through a series of grunts. Whether this is due to a survival instinct or concern for their individual offspring is unknown.

When it comes to interactions with humans, some reptiles do seem to enjoy their company. A tortoise that enjoys being petted might stick its neck out or close it eyes and become still and calm during the interaction. The same is true of lizards.

"Some reptiles do appear to enjoy human contact," adds Dr. Hoppes, "especially when food is offered. Many will respond to feeding times, coming to certain people they associate with food. And certainly most iguanas prefer certain people over others."

Iguanas have individual personalities that can vary from tranquil and laid-back to aggressive and dominating. The latter can be very difficult to live with and care for. The more calm iguanas, however, tend to bond with their person but may only endure handling by that individual. It is the rare iguana who is social with strangers.

Many reptile owners believe that their personal reptiles do recognize the good intentions they have towards them. Others deem that their cold-blooded dependents only tolerate them when they have to and would prefer to be left alone. By careful observation and handling of your reptiles, you can determine which are more social and which may not be quite so impressed with having a human as a best friend.

Article from 2011 via

Pet Talk is a service of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University.

Photo: Bearded Dragon © Joshua Burch

watch out dragons, it’s cuddle time. 


We can’t know someone else’s circumstances and we shouldn’t make their decisions. I believe abortion should remain legal, and women should be able to get safe abortion care.

I will help build a culture of empathy, justice, and support for access to abortion care and for the 1 in 3 women who will have an abortion in her lifetime. I pledge to help protect access to safe abortion care in my community.


After signing, you can also choose to sign up for reproductive and sexual health information and activism opportunities!